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Managing Small Business Projects For Artists And Entrepreneurs.


Make It Plain: What is Project Management and Who Needs It?

Creatives, Artists and Entrepreneurs seeking accountability, structure and
support with managing and executing their projects.

What is a Project?

Definite Beginning + Definite Ending = Project

  • Running or starting a business?

  • Launching a new product?

  • Artist releasing an album or project?

  • Planning an event?
  • Just need to structure a particular maintenance function in your personal or business life?

The need for managing the in between is where ​​PROJECT SRT comes in!


Sherry R. Trotter
Freelance Project Manager

Sherry R. Trotter, also creatively known as Sherry Amour amongst the music community, is an "artist-preneur" who has a passion for project management that specializes in small business projects for artists and entrepreneurs. Having graduated from Columbia College of Chicago and garnering a Business Management degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management, Sherry discovered that her passions for both the performing arts and business management could coexist.

While expanding her network in the music business and working for various small businesses and non-profit organizations, Sherry noticed an odd similarity between independent artists and small business owners...the challenge of successfully launching either goods and/or services in an efficient and streamlined manner. Upon noticing this challenge, Sherry was inspired to use her proven creative, organizational, leadership and accountability skills to help entrepreneurs and artists  successfully launch their projects to obtain sustainable results. 

My Completed Projects Portfolio

  1. The National Black MBA Association
    Managed the programming logistics of 3 youth focused professional development programs concurrently that serviced approximately 150 students annually across the U.S.
  2. The National Black MBA Association
    Methodically managed the various programming logistical needs for the NBMBAA’s Annual Conference and Exposition, which welcomed over 9,000 attendees, such as administering a Speaker Management process that serviced over 30+ speakers annually.
  3. The National Black MBA Association
    Managed the programming logistics of 3 youth focused professional development programs concurrently that serviced approximately 150 students annually across the U.S.
  4. Sherece B. Thompson D.D.S.
    Created and implemented an efficient communication practice and tool for this boutique dental office, that doubled the practice’s confirmation and retention rate.
  5. Common Ground Marketing | Coco-Cola/Sprite Step Off Competition
    Co-Managed Talent booking logistics for a total of 13 national step competitions in 8 U.S. cities for the largest step competition in history with the biggest combined prize pool of $1.5 million in scholarships .
  6. Sherry Amour Music Artist
    Successfully campaigned and fundraised over $8,000 of capital (leveraging Kickstarter) to fund an independent recording project for singer/songwriter, Sherry Amour.
  7. Law Office of Heather Beverly, P.C.
    Administered monthly billing, managed accounts receivables, organized company structures with Secretary of State and Publishing Companies for clients, and submitted copyright filings with the Library of Congress.
  1. “Art Voices Matter: Celebrity Music Masterclass Workshop Series”
    Project Manager for Monthly Celebrity Masterclass Series Create and manage project plan and team deadlines. Facilitate and lead weekly team calls to ensure accountability.
  2. Sherry Amour’s “Mirror, Mirror” Recording Project
    Managing of recording schedules and deadlines. Budget management and tracking of project expenses after successfully campaigning and fundraising monies for album.
Current Projects:

Client Testimonials

  1. NBA Live Music Event 2017 | Project & Event Management
    From Start to finish Sherry was a key element to the success of my event. From strategic planning, to organizing my tasks, communicating with my team, and managing the run of the show....I could not have done it without her! Highly recommended! • Nialand, Singer/Songwriter, Music Artist
  2. Art Voices Matter: Celebrity Masterclass Series | Project & Event Management
    Working with Sherry has been a dream come true! As the project manager for our celebrity masterclass series "Art Voices Matter" Sherry has demonstrated the epitome of commitment with her stellar work ethic, efficient communication and careful attention to details. Similarly, her always cheerful and respectful disposition allows each team member to feel valued. Sherry is dependable and is a strong asset to our team on all levels; I am grateful to have her as a project manager and look forward to working together on future ventures. • Kenya M. Johnson, Soul and Jazz Vocalist/Songwriter; Founder of Creating Crimson
  3. Total Wellness Connection LLC | Program Structuring Project
    Ms. Sherry Trotter was the first Project Manager I have ever hired! She really helped me stay encouraged and less overwhelmed. She spent time with me upfront to understand my business, project goals and how to structure my content. I really appreciated her organization and prompt response time. Sherry gave me several tips and tools to enhance my project that I will be using from now on. • Mary Feagin, Certified Health Coach, Total Wellness Connection LLC
  4. Street Salad | Business Structuring Project
    Prior to working with Sherry, I had never worked with a project manager before and could hardly identify the benefit to doing so. After receiving my first project plan and overview, I realize with measurable goals and a timeline, I can accomplish anything I put my mind and energy to. Sherry is prompt, organized, thorough, and asks great questions that lead to clear understanding, actionable and measurable goals, and ultimately great success! • Jena Dominique, Postcard Photographer, Digital Strategist and Host; Founder of Street Salad
  5. Can’t Stay Put | Project Structuring & Organization
    Sherry's project management skills are impressive. I shared my frustration about a project that I had no idea on how to execute and she mapped everything out for me within 30min. I tend to be a visionary or big picture person and fall short with developing the steps to see the big picture through. It's like sherry is the exact opposite of me. She sees things clearly. A true gem. •Lauren Miller, Founder/CEO of Can’t Stay Put; Inspirational Explorer - Visual Storyteller, Content Creator and Travel Personality
“Teamwork, Accountability and Integrity are my core value building blocks in managing purposeful projects. Accountability is the glue that binds commitment to results. I look forward to being the “trusted glue” between my clients and the completion of their projects. Now let’s get started!”
Getting Started: How It Works
  1. Schedule Initial Consultation
    Goal: To assess your project goals and needs
  2. Activate Project Plan
    Goal: To create and execute on your project’s plan
  3. Debrief on Project Completion
    Goal: To reflect and assess the results on your completed project.




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