Sherry R. Trotter
   Freelance Project Manager

Sherry R. Trotter, also creatively known as Sherry Amour amongst the music community, is an "artist-preneur" who has a passion for project management that specializes in small business projects for artists and entrepreneurs. Having graduated from Columbia College of Chicago and garnering a Business Management degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management, Sherry discovered that her passions for both the performing arts and business management could coexist.

While expanding her network in the music business and working for various small businesses and non-profit organizations, Sherry noticed an odd similarity between independent artists and small business owners...the challenge of successfully launching either goods and/or services in an efficient and streamlined manner. Upon noticing this challenge, Sherry was inspired to use her proven creative, organizational, leadership and accountability skills to help entrepreneurs and artists  successfully launch their projects to obtain sustainable results. 

My Completed Project Portfolio

  1. The National Black MBA Association
    Managed logistical needs for annual conference by drafting of agreements, distributing of payments, travel allowances and travel logistics; resulted in a successful, on-budget conference every year.
  2. Sherece B. Thompson D.D.S.
    Created and implemented an efficient communication practice and tool for this boutique dental office, that doubled the practice’s confirmation and retention rate.
  3. Sherry Amour Music Artist
    Successfully campaigned and fundraised over $8,000 of capital (leveraging Kickstarter) to fund an independent recording project for singer/songwriter, Sherry Amour.
  4. the Law Offices of Heather Beverly
    Administered monthly billing, managed accounts receivables, organized company structures with Secretary of State and Publishing Companies for clients, and submitted copyright filings with the Library of Congress.